Sketch app doesn’t have an iPad app.
Twitter doesn’t have DM search or edit tweets functionality. It’s been years since these products exist and have millions of users.

It’s easy to ideate and brainstorm new ideas.
Easier to write a PRD and get an MVP built.

What’s hard is saying “no” to requests and features you think the market needs.
Harder is to get the last 10% of a feature right.
And get that feature out in the market.
Being able to stay focused. With one mission.

The mission could be to increase revenues, get more users or solve a problem better. Make 10x improvements in ONE feature that’s lifeline to your product.

Do one thing. Do it right.
Go to users.
Iterate. Do it better.
Go to users.

When I did the startup, VisitorEngage, there was this feature called “polls” which never was part of the product. It was there on the website, on the intro video, in the pitch and features page (as beta). I never built it. No one asked for it. None in the 2,000+ businesses that signed up for needed this feature.

Get the features used by 80% of people right and iterate over them. Avoid the feature clutter. Don’t be the all-in-one product.