The last time I wrote a blog post with a PRD template (Writing a good PRD - Download Template), I felt it’s incomplete without a real world use case prod spec.

A week ago, I sat down to write a product spec for a feature, interview scheduler for any existing HRMS platform. HR platforms are complex, huge and contains multiple feature modules. Say if one is about to build a new feature module, this is how it goes.

Usually, at a 10,000 feet, the interview scheduler looks like this:

  • Recruiter should be able to go to a candidate’s detail page and schedule either a telephonic or face-to-face interview round with a panel of upto 8 people
  • The recruiter should be able to see availability of the interviewers while scheduling the interview

Everything else comes into picture once the PM sits to draft the PRD.

View/Download the 8 page PRD here: interview scheduler.pdf - Google Drive

TODO: wireframes for this feature.