This list is inspired from Uses This / Interviews and the list at Mj blog . The hardware, software, services and tools I use at work, home and hobby.


  • Macbook Pro 2016 - Work machine given by Kony.
  • MacBook Air 13”: Got this in 2015. Works reliably even today. I was yearning for this since my first job, but could only afford it 3 years later.
  • iPhone XR: Upgraded from 5S
  • iPad + Pencil: It’s fun to sketch. And the iPad is my go-to device for video content consumption. Idea is to use this as my note taking and wire framing tool with the pencil.
  • Apple Airpods 2: Best purchase of 2019. You see, I’m tied to Apple ecosystem :)
  • Apple Watch series 3: I don’t see any good use with this except the calendar widget alerting me of upcoming meetings. May be I should start using the steps app.
  • BenQ 27" IPS display - external monitor
  • Logitech MX Master 2S wirelss mouse
  • Amazon Echo Plus: Gift
  • Amazon Echo dot: Gift
  • Kindle reader 2014: I do not use this as often as I wish to. VFM.


On Mac

  • Bear Notes - for taking notes and blogposts in markdown
  • Sketch - worth the $100 I spent on this. I use this to tweak / create mockups. Learnt using this tool by taking up a popular course at Udemy.
  • Sublime text editor. Visual Studio Code too sometimes with heavy dose of plugins installed.
  • Brave browser
  • Lastpass extension - this seems buggy but I’m living with it
  • Slack - Office communication + some other public workspaces (unofficed, remoteIndian, makerskitchen and InvertedPassion). I take notes in DM self during every meeting.
  • Zoom - calls & meetings
  • Camtasia 2018 - Video editor. I record screen using Quicktime player and edit raw screen recordings here. My office bought the license.
  • Roamresearch - Note taking. Trying to use Zettelkasten note taking method
  • iCloud storage subscription

On Phone

  • Overcast - For podcasts. I’m actively listening during commute
  • Books - for reading. Books synced across my Mac & iPad
  • Todoist - Started to use in 2020. So far, good.

Email Subscriptions & Reading

  • The Ken (paid)
  • Finshots
  • Entrackr
  • StrictlyVC
  • Producthunt, hackernews, reddit and indiehackers forum

Investment Apps

  • Kuvera
  • Zerodha for trading
  • Paisa vaisa and money control podcasts
  • I’m exploring and

Domains & Tech

  • Google Firebase. For all backend & side hustle experiments. Sometimes DigitalOcean / Heroku
  • Domains: and namecheap. I hate GoDaddy for their dark pricing practices and the amount of upselling goes during the checkout flow. Avoid. I search for domain availability at Also subscribed to to get alerts of cool expiring domain names.
  • for landing pages. $20/year
  • for a simple website. It’s cheap! - Rs30/month
  • - that’s where this blog is hosted. Free!
  • Github for all my code repos. This blog is updated and committed to a GitHub repo through which netflify picksup, builds and publishes proactively.

Social media

  • Twitter
  • Linkedin