Writing is hard. Incredibly hard. How many times have you tried to write a blog post on a general interesting topic (outside of your work task) but dropped the idea altogether?

Last week there was a lunch table conversation with my friends and that’s when I realized I have this blog lying around without an update for over 30 months. I moved this blog from medium platform to a serverless infra and migrated my only two posts from Medium to here. The last post was in September 2016. The one before was in June 2016.

In the world of twitter and people loving instant consumption, long form articles and blogposts have taken a back seat.

As product managers, writing is an important skill to have - Be it for writing PRDs, user stories, documentation or a feature announcement blogpost on the product’s blog. And the only way to improve this skill is by writing more. I think one shouldn’t worry much about writing quality articles. I was there in this fallacy before, which made me neglect this blog. Writing, as a habit, is bound to improve the clarity in thoughts and communication if done consistently, no matter the initial garbage of thoughts one has to pass through. It is good to write great posts in the domain of expertise, but I believe writing is also a way to gain that expertise. So, it doesn’t matter if you are not in the top 10% in your field, but being out there with the willingness to learn and be better is the starting step to get into that top layer.

That said, I publish this post to announce there will be more articles coming up in the next weeks. Stay tuned!