I maintain Google docs for ideas and jot down random ideas as I come across some problems or existing products. For most of these I end of after discussing the idea for an hr or two and some go until the coding stage but die down. I have few 10s of such ideas lying around for the last few years. Most of these will be good revenue making side projects or startups. This is an attempt to make these ideas public for any one to pick up, read through the idea process or go ahead and build them.

In a tweet thread with @Motwanisuhas and @vemuruadi, this idea to share my list was brought up and here is the first one

Minimum Viable Product:

As an admin (campaign manager) running ad campaigns for my brand on my devices (digital billboards, monitors) in the network, I’d like to create a playlist with either images or video - Choose a device and run the playlist for a defined time at defined intervals.

Admin Dashboard:

  1. Authentication by Phone/email with otp - signup, login, reset password

  2. Team - add team by email/phone (CRUD)

  3. Assets - Upload images / videos (CRUD)

  4. Network - set user friendly names for device IDs with device types (tablet/tv). (CRUD)

  5. Locations - Auto generate location of existing live devices

  6. Playlist - Choose / upload images and videos. Set time to display for each image.

  7. Campaigns - Add Campaign.

Select type:

1. Media


3. Facebook / Instagram photos /posts

4. Twitter search with hashtag

5. Youtube video URL

Upon selecting Media:.

1. Select Playlist

2. Select Device

3. Select startDatetime & endDatetime

4. Publish

Upon Selecting b,c,e.

1. Insert URL (webpage)

2. Select Device

3. Select startDatetime & endDatetime

4. Publish

Upon Selecting Twitter hashtag.

1. Insert #hashtag

2. Select Device

3. Select startDatetime & endDatetime

4. Publish

View Campaigns table with status - Scheduled_Live_Completed.

Dashboard Reports
Tiles to show:
Campaigns - Total, live.
Devices - Total, live.
Device Uptime.
Total ad times run across all devices.


  • Barrier of entry
  • Long term commitments - vendor lock-in


  • Operationally intensive
  • Hardware involved

Future Scope:

Includes camera function with gender detection, ad views count, footfall based real time customization and such.
Or build a bidding marketplace for brands across any of the digital displays an agency owns across a city/country.

I think I have screenshots available for the MVP dashboard built and a launcher app for the devices (Android app). Let me know if interested.