I graduated in Electronics and Communications engineering, and moved to Bangalore and then back to Hyderabad. I was also running a web hosting service (HeroeHost) along with 2 other friends (Mohan & Corey).


Things got interesting with the web hosting service business, so I left my customer support job, stayed with parents and later sold the hosting business in 2010.


Came back to Hyderabad and along with Mohan tried to float a e-commerce business, of building custom gaming desktop PCs (named it idle bazaar). Customers can select the PC configuration and make an order. The idea was that Mohan & Me would build/assemble these PCs and ship them.

Also was doing freelancing (HeoreContent - content wiring, SEO, virtual assistant, digital marketing) to support the above business needs. Registered Qshark Technologies LLP. Mohan was freelancing as a PHP developer.
Turned out, the components pricing was more than the price they were being sold on ebay. Idlebazaar got shut before the launch.

Joined ClickDesk, an early stage startup, trying to build a live chat & helpdesk SaaS product


Was growing along with ClickDesk in a product role. Great learning all through.


ClickDesk reached $1M in ARR and close to 100,000 users signing up. I moved on to do a startup of my own.


Bootstrapped and launched VisitorEngage. When there were problems scaling the tech and outrageous billing on Google AppEngine, again Mohan came to rescue to rewrite everything in Nodejs in a month and bring the billing down to 1/10th.

VisitorEngage survived that, but failed to grow customers count as I was trying to do everything myself and financial stress haunted.


Learnt to code in javascript. Moved to Bangalore and took up a coding job. Coded in nodejs and emberjs for a SaaS e-learning product (LMS). Got married.


Moved to Vizag to join a Berlin based early stage startup, that’s into making book reading an online social activity - with publishers, sellers, authors, readers and writers at one place. PM’d for the web & mobile apps.


Tried to scale mojoreads. PM’d for the publisher dashboard and the e-com portal live.


Moved to Hyderabad to join product management team at Kony, an enterprise low-code development platform. Built features that reduced user friction. Tried to make the product simpler.


Built features that improved developer productivity. Iterated on top of existing features.
Kony got acquired by an enterprise banking backend major, Temenos. I continue to be a PM here.


Happy new year folks! I wonder what’s in store for me in the next decade.